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Welcome to New Hope Christian Chapel!

We’re glad you visited today! We’ve put together a short video to help you get to know us better! Feel free to click on the button below to get introduced to who and what New Hope Christian Chapel is all about! And we’d love to meet you in person too at any of our Sunday morning services, which start at 10:30am each week! Hope to see you soon!

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New Hope is centered around four core values. Our first goal is to "connect" by building deep, meaningful connections with each other as we look to develop true Christian community in Small Groups and as a congregation. Without this important bonding, our other goals cannot be accomplished. Join us and get connected!


The second of our church goals is for each of us to truly "transform" through encountering the life-changing power of Jesus Christ! At New Hope we have seen Christ change life after life and we long for Him to continue to mold us into His image! Join us in seeking to be transformed by the power of God!


The third of our our core values is to "equip" ourselves by studying, learning, and being discipled. Jesus calls us to learn from Him and initiate Him...not just admire Him! A faith without knowledge can be ill equipped for the challenges life brings. Join us in learning and maturing in your faith...and get equipped!


The last of our four central values is for each member of our church to seek to "multiply" the blessings that God has brought into their life. Helping others, sharing our faith, sharing our resources, and reaching out in any way we possibly can...that's what it means to "multiply"! Join us in multiplying God's kingdom today!

In case you missed Sunday's message...

New Hope's motto is "people helping people to help people", and we give everything we have to see each other grow in our faith and then put our faith into action as we serve one another and those around us!

Hands of Hope Outreach!

Join New Hope's community outreach team and get involved making a difference in your community! Browse the many previous and upcoming outreach events and help us lend a hand!
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Online Events Calendar

Want to know when a service, meeting, or event is coming up at New Hope? Check our calendar online and see what's happening this week! Feel free to join us at any event, we'd love to see you there!
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Our Facilties

From Sunday services to weddings to community talent shows to hosting other churches, New Hope Chapel is home to many diverse events! Learn more about how our facilities could host your next event!
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Looking For Hope?

Here at New Hope, we've seen God change people's lives through faith in His son, Jesus Christ. We have experienced hope when things seemed hopeless and peace in the midst of turmoil. If you are looking for hope, please CLICK HERE and let us share our hope with you! Faith isn't just a's a freedom and a transformation! We invite you to experience Christ's love in a powerful way today!

Come Visit Us!

New Hope Christian Chapel is located at 6 Meadowhill Court in South Easton, MA, near the junction of routes 24, 495, 106 and 138...we're very easy to get to! Our Sunday services begin at 10:30am and end at 11:45am each week, and there are many mid-week Small Groups to choose from as well. Feel free to stop by and and make some new friends, we'd love to meet you!

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