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First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

First of all, Welcome!

grass-welcome-mat-png“If you’ve ever been a visitor to a new church, you know that it can be a little daunting walking through those doors the first time. You’re not quite sure who the people will be, what the music will sound like, if you’ll like the preaching, if you’ll wear the right clothes, or if your children will be well taken care of. It does take time to get a feel for a new church, but as the Lead Pastor here at New Hope, I thought I’d share a little about us to try to put your mind at ease a little bit and give you an idea of what you can expect from a typical Sunday morning with us. I hope some of these thoughts will answer some of the questions you may have and help you to feel comfortable with us right from the start! If I’ve left anything out or you have any other questions, please just contact me at the church office and I’d love to help however I can. Hope to see you soon!”

– Pastor Dave

The Top 10 Things to know about Sundays at New Hope!

1. Wear whatever you’d like.
2. Sing along with the band, or feel free to just listen.
3. Don’t feel obligated to give money.
4. The children’s programs are staffed by parents and teachers who are well trained,
and who will love and take great care of your children.
5. The sermons will be practical and theological.
6. You will be welcomed and noticed.
7. You will feel a tangible sense of God’s presence and love.
8. Our worship music is contemporary with a splash of the traditional hymns mixed in.
9. You can be sure that you’ll always find laughter and a relaxed atmosphere.
10. We start at 10:30am every Sunday, rain or shine, and we wrap up around 12noon.

What to expect…

The word most often used to describe people’s first experience at New Hope is “welcomed”…the second would be “relaxed”. We try to be real with each other and would much rather be genuine than appear perfect in each other’s eyes. We appreciate that people come from various homes, various backgrounds, and various places spiritually – and we want nothing more than for each new person to feel the same unconditional acceptance that we have all felt ourselves. We don’t care if you’re young or old, rich or poor, smart or uneducated, faithful or doubting, or anything else. We believe that God knows our hearts anyway, so there’s no reason for us to pretend to be anything other than who and what we really are. So we encourage people to be genuine and value the honesty of the people around us. We hope that you’ll form the same impression if you decide to join us some Sunday morning at 10:30am.

What to wear…

The first thing you should know is that you can come in anything from a three-piece suit to your pajamas. We are an informal church, mostly wearing whatever is comfortable to church. Pastor Dave typically preaches in a shirt and tie but doesn’t usually go the extra mile and wear a suit. There are a couple of members in our church that enjoy coming in suits and they fit in just as well. But aside from these few people, most don’t dress formally at all, feeling comfortable enough to come in jeans and t-shirts if that fits their taste better. Feel free to come as you are and you’ll fit right in.

What we sing…

Music is one of those beautiful gifts that God gives us to worship Him and express and solidify our own emotions.  We sing and worship through music each week, praising God for His blessings and pouring out our hearts to seek His presence. Each service begins with worship music led by our praise band which consists of piano, guitars, drums, flute, keyboard, singers and guest instrumentalists from time to time. At other points in the service we also often sing the old, familiar hymns that many of us grew up singing in church, trying to keep a balance in our music, and realizing that people have different tastes and that no one particular style of music is more “holy” than another. We just try to be intentional in praising God regardless of the musical style.

For the children…

Each week we provide great nursery care for the little ones, and all of our child-care workers are very well trained and have all been CORI checked. For those a little older than the nursery, we offer a Sunday School program that consists of grade levels K-2,  and 3-6. These children are dismissed to their classrooms during the worship service to allow them both the ability to stay upstairs and worship with their families, and then to be dismissed for specific teaching for their age-group and learning levels. Our teachers and aids put in a lot of work to make sure that our children are being taught God’s word and are being shown God’s love each and every week. You can certainly feel comfortable that your children are in good hands!

The preaching…

Pastor Dave strives each week to try to be personal, practical, and challenging in the messages that he brings from God’s Word. He constantly looks to engage and teach the congregation and not just lecture, often asking for questions and answers during the sermon, and trying to hear where everyone is coming from and generating productive thoughts and conversations. God has clearly called Pastor Dave to bring His thoughts to our church, and we look forward each week to hearing what He’s put on our pastor’s heart to share. We don’t use any one particular translation, although the Bibles under the church seats are in the NIV translation. God desires us to continue to study and grow in our knowledge of Him and our Sunday sermons are an important part of that process for us every week.

And everything else…

There are a million other ways we could describe our church, but it might just serve you better if you come and see for yourself! We can guarantee that if you visit us you’ll be welcomed with smiles and with a sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Consider yourself invited to take that first step and walk through our doors some Sunday morning at 10:30am and join us in worshiping our Lord. We hope you will come and visit sometime soon and see for yourselves the great church that God has established here at New Hope!

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