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Our Story

Our Story

The New Hope Christian Chapel Story…

church_cropped4Once upon a time, in a small town in suburban New England called South Easton, a small band of friends stepped out in faith to take their humble home Bible study and expand it into a full-fledged new church plant! The 15 families that began this epic journey in 1987 were optimistic about their future, but they never could have predicted how much God would bless them and help their new church to blossom. From meeting in homes, to being given office space to use for free, to buying a plot of land and building a small church, to expanding and doubling the size of that little church…God led that group of friends forward to places none of them could ever have imagined!

New Hope was founded on prayer, on the faithful teaching of the inspired Word of God, and on the practice of living lives of active faith in Jesus Christ.  It has always been a place of hope…a place where lives have been transformed…and a place where people have been discipled to know their God and serve Him in whatever way they can. God has blessed the vision and direction of the Chapel family as it has prayed for and sought to obey His will. From the 15 families that began this journey, the Lord has multiplied His blessings on New Hope and the congregation now stands at about 100. The Lord has truly blessed us and it is our earnest desire that we would be able to cheerfully and genuinely pass on these blessings to those around us. In fact, our church motto is “people helping people to help people” and that perfectly sums up our passion and vision. We invite you to join us as New Hope Christian Chapel continues to follow God’s leading in the years to come!

Our founding fathers (waaaaay back in 1987) had an insightful and compelling vision for who and what New Hope Christian Chapel would become.  They penned the two following statements as part of our founding articles of incorporation and they remain just as true today as they were back then.  If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the culture, personality, and unique vision of New Hope Christian Chapel, feel free to take a minute to read these articles for yourself…

How would we describe the “culture” of New Hope Christian Chapel?

  • We believe and accept the need for strong leaders understanding that “strong” is not synonymous with “dictatorial”.
  • We are not affiliated with any given Protestant denomination. We choose rather to be more balanced in our approach to denominational dogma.  We recognize, however, that positions that conflict with ours, held by other churches or groups, are not (by definition) automatically wrong. We do expect, however, that those seeking to join with us have chosen to voluntarily adhere to The Chapel’s Teachings, (for example, what we project to others, how we instruct our children, etc).
  • We are non-traditional in our approach to many things.  We do-not, however, disdain tradition.  Indeed, we see tradition as healthy and necessary to stability, and that as time goes by, The Chapel is, in fact, establishing its own traditions.
  • We do not choose, however, to become the servants of tradition for tradition’s sake and feel free as a body to exercise a very wide degree of latitude in the manner in which we conduct the activities of The Chapel.
  • We are a creative group of people opting, almost without exception, for a common sense and rational course of action.
  • We choose to be self-motivated, yet diplomatic, in our interactions with each other while understanding that diplomacy does not mean that we will not confront issues and situations directly.

How would we describe the “personality” of the Chapel?

  • We are a loving and tenderhearted people willing, if so moved, to show appropriate emotion in public.
  • We are not overly judgmental.
  • We are tolerant “of human frailty”.
  • We choose to be happy and joyful.
  • We are (as much as personalities and respect for the private space of others allow) affectionate and appropriately physical with each other.
  • We are openly generous to each other and, whether on the giving or the receiving side, we see generosity as a gift from God and an act of love, not a reason to feel the weight of indebtedness.
  • We seek to be open minded to the opinion of others in terms of political and stylistic disposition. We understand that adherence to the Bible does not necessarily mandate any one given political or social philosophy. We do believe, however, that some things are wrong because they are clearly so taught in Scripture. We will always defer to Scripture as our decision point.
  • We choose to be flexible.
  • We seek to be non-sexist and non-racist and further, do not seek to compete with each other in terms of economic status. There are no favored people or families at the Chapel.
  • We do not honor materialism; understanding rather that God chooses to bless different people in different ways at different times.
  • We seek to “do the right thing” versus “doing things right” in that we are not necessarily trying to make everyone happy. Our allegiance is solely to the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit (and although not mutually exclusive) not to the acceptance of people.

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Here at New Hope, we've seen God change people's lives through faith in His son, Jesus Christ. We have experienced hope when things seemed hopeless and peace in the midst of turmoil. If you are looking for hope, please CLICK HERE and let us share our hope with you! Faith isn't just a's a freedom and a transformation! We invite you to experience Christ's love in a powerful way today!

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New Hope Christian Chapel is located at 6 Meadowhill Court in South Easton, MA, near the junction of routes 24, 495, 106 and 138...we're very easy to get to! Our Sunday services begin at 10:30am and end at 11:45am each week, and there are many mid-week Small Groups to choose from as well. Feel free to stop by and and make some new friends, we'd love to meet you!

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