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The New Hope Discipleship Workshops

The New Hope Discipleship Workshops

New Hope is a discipleship based church

bible-readingRight from it’s beginning, discipleship at New Hope Christian Chapel has always been our highest priority. Jesus Himself, in Matthew 28:18-20, said that “making disciples” is the central commission that His followers should have.  Jesus never intended that “being a Christian” mean that we attend a weekly service, try to “be a good person”, or merely memorize some Bible verses.  Being a disciple means fully committing our lives to trusting God, walking with Jesus, and being led moment-by-moment by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus spent time one-on-one, in small groups, and with crowds of people, so at New Hope, we do our best to imitate His example.  Our Sunday services are not just a spiritual pick-me-up, but are intended to help us learn and grow.  Our small groups are not just for food and fellowship, they are to learn how to walk together with Christ.  But it is our one-on-one “Discipleship Workshops” that go the deepest as we study, discuss, and are challenged to grow in our personal, spiritual life.

Our approach to discipleship

Our Discipleship Workshops are intended to be places where Christians can work one-on-one with a mature Christian friend to develop the skills and tools needed to live the Christian life.  Completing our series of workshops does not mean “you have arrived”, it simply means that you have been given tools to use…whether you use them or not is up to you!  Our faith is lived out in our daily lives, our jobs, our homes, and our hearts and minds, not in a church service or classroom.  So our workshops are intended to be practical, deep, Bible-based, and relevant.  We seek to pair together two friends who will walk together through discussions and study of Scripture, Theology, and foundational Christian principles.

At this time we have 7 core workshops (listed below) that have been developed here at the Chapel over the past 25+years and which have proven to be immensely helpful to those looking to grow in their faith, learn how to study the Bible, and take the next step in their faith in Jesus Christ. These courses are easily adapted for children, teens, adults and anyone looking to learn and grow! Please feel free to browse through the course listing here, and please contact us if you’d like to be considered for discipleship yourself! May God bless you as you seek to draw closer to Him and gain a deeper knowledge through the special revelation of His Word!

Our core discipleship workshops

God’s Story

This five session workshop is essentially an overview of the story-line of the Bible, laying out clearly what God’s plan is and has been from Creation through to today.  Seeing how God hasn’t changed, and seeing how Christians fit into His plan is a powerful and revealing process.  This course is foundational for understanding our faith, and so is a prerequisite for the other workshops that follow.  Taking this workshop will give you the ability to explain the Bible’s story from cover to cover and also help you know where you fit into God’s sovereign plan!

Bible 101

This ten session workshop is designed to help a believer not feel so daunted by reading their Bible.  It goes over the various genres of Scripture, explains h0w to study the Bible, and gives practical tools to help use and understand Scripture.  Many Christians never pick up their Bibles because they don’t know where to start or they don’t understand what they are reading…this course is perfect for making the Bible more accessible and readable.

Christian Living

This eight session workshop is designed to walk through the basic, daily, practical elements of what a Christian life consists of…things like prayer, meditation, fasting, worship, evangelism, stewardship, how we speak, and other areas like these.  With discussion-based lessons and practical action-oriented “homework”, this course is perfect for someone looking to put their faith into practice.

Basic Beliefs

This ten session discipleship workshop has been taught at our church since its founding in 1987, and has given many, many people a solid understanding of what the Bible teaches on the basic tenets of faith. It’s approach to studying each doctrine is to read and discuss both the Old and New Testament scriptures that teach and support each doctrine, and it requires the disciplee to be reading and researching these scriptures each week at home in preparation for those discipleship discussion. With very engaging and practical discussion questions, this workshop is certain to provide a solid grasp of what the Bible actually says about these doctrines, as well as teach practical application and integration into modern day life.

Advanced discipleship workshops

Advanced Hermeneutics

This workshop is taken at a different pace for each person and can vary from a few weeks to several months.  It is based on the book “How To Read The Bible For All It’s Worth”, by Fee and Stuart, which analyzes the various literary styles found within the collection of the 66 books of the Bible. Its intent is to help a believer read the Bible with a deep and complete understanding of how to interpret and apply the different things he/she is reading, such as poetry, history, prophecy, wisdom literature, and so much more. The richness and diversity of writings within the Bible can be either the most confusing or the most enriching part of studying God’s Word, and this course attempts to build on the basic tools learned in Bible 101 to go deeper in helping the disciplee learn how, when, and for what purpose each book of the Bible was written and how to apply that knowledge to our understanding of their faith today. This course is certain to stretch you, and will give you a greater appreciation for the Bible as you learn more and dig deeper into its origins, purpose, and application.

Advanced Discipleship

This workshop is intended to be worked on over the course of many months, and is focused on going deeper in our understanding of Scripture, doctrine, and Theology.  Based on “Summary of Christian Doctrine”, by Berkhoff, this course builds upon the basic teachings of the Basic Beliefs workshop and challenges the disciplee to understand the full scope of God’s Word as it relates to all the major Christian doctrines.  This course is essentially the equivalent of a Bible school certificate program, and is a great training step for those looking to go into full time ministry or teaching ministries requiring them to know Scripture and Theology.  Challenging, and requiring a lot of effort from the disciplee, this workshop is certain to stretch and encourage each student as they explore God’s Word in depth.

Spiritual Leadership Training

This workshop aims to help develop and train leaders for ministry in the local church and abroad. For those considering full or part-time ministry for themselves, this workshop will introduce Christ-centered principles personalized for the leadership, lifestyle, and organization of each student.


Additional discipleship workshops

Spiritual Gifts

This two session workshop goes through what the Bible teaches on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how each believer can discover and put into use the gifts of the Spirit today.

The Fruit of The Spirit

This ten session workshop takes the very familiar “fruit of the Spirit”, and dives deeper into the meanings and personal application of each one. A great course for understanding how God’s Spirit moves and grows us in practical and powerful ways!

Freedom in Christ

This two session workshop uses materials by Neil Anderson to pray for victory over spiritual bondage by exploring the biblical truth of our identity and true freedom in Christ.

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