Use Your Gifts!

When you read how Jesus led His disciples you quickly recognize that He wasn’t simply creating followers for Himself, He was training future leaders! Every Christian is meant to step out, take initiative in using their gifts, and offer the world a living example of how Jesus can transform a life! Below are some of the folks who are “leaders” at New Hope, but what we are truly dreaming of is that every single one of us, from children to seniors, from the newest Christians to the oldest, from the outspoken to the quiet, from the cooks to the carpenters, from the singers to the painters…that we will all offer our lives as “living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1) for God to use to build His Kingdom!

Leadership Teams

Pastoring & Sheparding Team

Rev. David Stratton & Elder Danny Lee

Facilities Team

Tracey Benscoter, Larry Costello, Art Stratton, Billy Durocher, Bob Wells, Andy Redmond

Music / Worship Team

Devin Davies, Mikayla Diamond, Dave Stratton, Gus Augustus, Hope Shanley, Joe Williams, Danny Lee, Andy Redmond

Finance Team

Jane Creamer, Hal Gershman, David Stratton

Missional Community Leaders

Phase 5

Jane Creamer

Old Pleasant

Brendon & Nicole Shea, Larry & Sandra Costello


Joe & Glory Williams


Dave & Michelle Stratton, John & Sarah Raposo


Bob Wells