About Us

Our Mission

New Hope is a non-denominational local church in southeastern Massachusetts striving to faithfully obey God’s Word, to follow His Spirit’s leading, and to advance His Kingdom everywhere we go with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our History

New Hope was founded on prayer, on the faithful teaching of the inspired Word of God, and on the practice of living lives of active faith in Jesus Christ. It has always been a place of hope…a place where lives have been transformed…and a place where people have been discipled to know their God and serve Him in whatever way they can. God has blessed the vision and direction of the Chapel family as it has prayed for and sought to obey His will. From the 15 families that began this journey, the Lord has multiplied His blessings on New Hope and the congregation now stands at about 100. The Lord has truly blessed us and it is our earnest desire that we would be able to cheerfully and genuinely pass on these blessings to those around us. In fact, our church motto is “people helping people to help people” and that perfectly sums up our passion and vision. We invite you to join us as New Hope Christian Chapel continues to follow God’s leading in the years to come!

Our Beliefs


What more can we say about Jesus?! He is the perfect, sinless, Son of God, God in human form, born miraculously of a virgin, crucified for our sins, resurrected for our hope, and the source of our faith by God’s grace! There’s never been anyone like Him, and we owe Him our eternal gratitude and are excited to spend the rest of our lives following in His footsteps and living by His Spirit!

The Bible

This amazing, inspired, inerrant, cohesive, consistent source of God’s truth and revelation…what other book could compare?! The Word of God is our rock, our foundation, our source of truth, our instruction, and our encouragement as we seek to walk with God each and every day!

Sin & Grace

We recognize our sinfulness from birth, our need for God’s help, our limited wisdom, our failings, and we know it would take an act of God to make something beautiful out of us…and yet He does! His undeserved favor (Grace) is something we could never earn, and never repay Him for. His justice and holiness combined with His mercy and patience, this is basis of our faith and salvation, and our reason for Hope!

The Church

Humans are not made to be alone, and Christians are likewise made to be together! Without Christian fellowship there can be no encouragement, no confession, no support, no shared wisdom, no shared resources, no shared joy, no mutual submission, no unity, and no partnership! Jesus established the church as His body, powered by His Spirit, to continue His work here on earth!